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I fell in love when I first saw the New 2008 c-class C300. I ordered it in White with the all glass Top! Hot car. After 6 months there was a squeaking and grinding coming from the front end of the car. After repeat visits, MB kept telling me there was nothing wrong and it was safe to drive. Who the Hell wants to pull up at Valet, and hear this terrible squeaking when you get of of the car!!! How embarrassing! After repeat visits and complaining, finally the Manager in Service of Fairfield CT drove the car and says! Whoa! that is the transmission!! so the car was there for 2 weeks, while they ordered the new transmission. My thoughts were, well I am glad it happened now rather than after the warranty expires. I pick up the car and assume I will get a written new 50,000 warranty on the new transmission they put in. NOT!!! I couldn't believe it so I call MB Customer Service,in New Jersey and they tell me that is correct. They do not give a new warranty! I told them it was insane.. this car is less than 1 year old and the transmission is replaced by them! and they wont warranty it!!! B/S!!!!
TWO WEEKS LATER! I make a stop and the car jumps forward. At this point I want to take a baseball bat to the car and ask them to come get it. Extremely frustrated I send my husband who goes of a joy ride with the Service Manager again.. and It doesn't happen!! They don't want us to leave the car! Well.. angry and frustrated.. I vow to drive the car and the instant it happens, I will call MB Service and bring the car right in. (Who the HELL HAS TIME FOR THIS *HIT) Of course its a busy scheduled day, I have many places to go.. and low and behold! The *hit happens.. I am on I95 the ENGINE LIGHT goes on.. I put my directional to get over to the right lane on the the highway, and the directional is blinking twice to the right, twice to the left and back and forth, and almost getting rear-ended! I make it to MB of FAIRFIELD, CT!!! THE MANAGER TAKES THE RIDE AND HE CANT EVEN LOOK AT ME!!! None of these people can look at me.. I can't look at them! BECAUSE I MAY JUST SAY WHAT I REALLY WANT TO!! scum!!! I GET MY LOANER, AND DRIVE OFF. I IMMEDIATELY CALL MB CUSTOMER IN NEW JERSEY.. THE GUY ANSWERS THE PHONE LIKE HE'S AT HOME WATCHING TV.. ??? I WAS LIKE .. IS THIS MERCEDES BENZ?? He says yeah...his name is Bobby N. and he takes all my information down, I also tell him that 3 weeks ago I called and NO ONE RETURNED MY CALL!!!! I ask Why ?? He can't tell me! He assures me someone will call me the following day by 1pm. In closing he asks me "Mrs. Cruz, what do you want to resolve the situation.... I said a NEW CAR." I anxiously await a call .... YOU-TUBE IS NEXT! THE (BAD) CAR - MY FIRST MB PURCHASED!! GO ACURA!!! THE BEST VEHICLE I'VE EVER OWNED .. KUDOS TOO GO OUT TO JAGUAR!! SPECIALIZING IN EXCELLENT SERVICE, THEY ARE # 1 IN MY BOOK. THEY COME GET MY CAR, SERVICE IT, WASH IT AND NEVER HAD A PROBLEM! I WAS TREATED LIKE I WAS A MILLIONAIRE! THEY BOTH BEAT MERCEDES BENZ!!! IN QUALITY AND SERVICE!!

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HI... I am very interested in what happened.. my vehicle is doing the same thing...

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