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2010 E550 Front Brakes designed poorly,must replce rotor and Disc..surprise

I have a 2010 E550 Sedan,and the front brakes began chattering at braking time about 9 months old..went in to Schumacher Scottsdale az at 11 months luckily...and was told that the E550 has and has had front brake problems and they were warped/and cracked and parts needed to be ordered from the factory...the suggestion by the service people was that this was a design problem and a change had been made to later models....when the part came in at 13 months the fix was made and they tried to charge me 900 dollars...then I noted that I had complained at 11 months and a manager waiver allowed me to be covered..Note that brakes are warranted for12 months and or 12000 miles...for defect in materials and workmanship...nothing is stated about defective design and later changes...I think this may/could be/should be a recall issue...there are probably e550's out there with warped/bogus/unsafe/cracked front brakes...Be alert!!!!!!

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Oh, yes: my 2007 S550 has suffered from the same problems.

Does any one know how and to whom at MB to contact to get an official no BS response regarding whther this e550 brake issue is an endemic problem that many are suffering...or whether they will take an aofficil position that this is or is not a design issue that they have addressed?????



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