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All a person has to do is to take a look online to see that the 230SLK has a TON of PROBLEMS!!! I thought I was loosing my mind...I have NEVER had so many problems with one little car... The electrical system is a disaster....I am yet to find a dealer that is able to  figure out what is happening. The radio plays after you turn off the car, the battery constantly goes dead if you do not drive at least once a week. I have replaced the battery three times in as many years. Foglights burned out, head lights that are full of water from bad seals, wiring problems in rear lights.  I can leave my old Eddie Bauer sitting for six months or longer with out any problems and it will start with no problems. The interior on the 230SLK is peeling and even the dash is falling apart. The CD player doesn't work, the electric roof leaked and cause the head liner to fall and hit me on TOP OF THE HEAD WHILE I WAS DRIVING. OH....I should mention the top CAME OPEN ....all on it's on...and then caboom! Stuff started fling everywhere! Now I will regress...I bought this 2000 model 230SLK in Houston TX and it only had 42,000 mi....I paid 18,000 I THOUGHT it was a nice BENZ and I was OK...HA HA HA! I have invested well into the high 20 thousands including all the repairs and about a year ago I was offered 10,000 for it trade value....we all know what that means. I have a 4,000 roof to repair and a inteaior that looks like a cat has malled it! So I have close to 30,000 in a lawn ornament. I knnow I have not mentioned so very many things about this crappy car like the fact that I can't hold it in the road and if I drive it any distance it gets so hot I am afraid the engine will explode but any of you that have these cars...well you already know...don't you???

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Please go to ( and file a complaint
Have you sent any complaints to them or have any other MB owners? Thanks for the reply.
I have a 1997 SLK 230 .the interior is truly peeling. I even called the company about it a couple years ago. My car only has 50,000 miles , I have really disappointed with Mercedes with this car. What did they do to the interior? What is it covered with. I will join the suit.
I called. Where do we send am official complaint?

Elizabeth Shepard said:
Have you sent any complaints to them or have any other MB owners? Thanks for the reply. Beth

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